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  CS's Services
Classic Services provides unmatched services to its clients and candidates through out the relationship, by following rigorous internal recruitment processes.

First, the team discusses the requirements, parameters and objectives of each staffing and contracting initiatives with its clients. Candidates that fit into the defined parameters are validated through out the process.

Ensure precisely channeled selection of resources, to enable achievement of the company's business goals.

  Permanent Staffing:  

 Permanent staffing is a great importance in the human resource strategy of every company today. Rightly so, as an organization that is equipped with quality and dedicated permanent staff has a greater opportunity of surviving and succeeding in the long run.

Benefits of our Permanent Staffing Service :

Comprehensive solutions : As a permanent staffing solutions firm, we follow a single window approach, delivering the entire gamut of services:

  • Screening resumes
  • Conducting technical and aptitude tests, in-depth interviews
  • Verifying references
  • Negotiating salaries

Trained Manpower: 

  • Are continuously trained on the latest technologies in various domains.
  • Possess the competency, talent and leadership skills required to drive your company to greater heights.

Authentic and reliability : Classic Services  is committed to provide you with reliable, transparent and honest services. Our rigorous recruiting process:

  • Entails strict screening of resumes, in-depth interviews and thoroughly verifying and cross-checking references
  • Ensures selection of genuine talent

Strengthen your company with loyal, dedicated and competent employees using the best technique.

   Temporary Staffing   

'Temporary Staffing' is becoming the fastest HR trend in the recent years. Various human resource researchers claim that the phenomenon of temporary staffing is catching up popularity in India. 
'Temporary staffing services had been provided only to meet short-term assignments of companies or to replace leave vacancies/sudden terminations, the current times are seeing leasing of temporary staff to fulfill specialized requirements. While corporates are looking at leasing as the viable option to meet their short-term manpower needs, we provide brilliant assignments to candidates keen/eager to learn from different working styles and work-environments.  

Benefits of Temp Staffing for Candidates

  • You get to work with reputed and  prestigious companies and Brands
  • One get exposed to various jobs
  • You get exposed to various new skills
  • Learning from different Manager and  seniors
  • Learn different working style, business and work environment
  • Exposure to different Industries and companies
  • Flexibility in terms of "work when you want  too"
  • No long term commitment to any one company
  • Your experience of the Temp job can help you to get a permanent job much easier  

Payrolling is an outsourcing solution used to reduce the cost and simplify the process of payroll administration.

Payrolling offers significant bottom line benefits to companies:

  • Decreases the daily payroll processing workload
  • Minimizes time and effort spent learning and complying with state taxes, insurance, and other requirements for payrolling employees nationwide
  • Lowers workers' compensation insurance and benefits costs due to  CS's purchasing power
  • Simplifies expense reimbursement for contingent employees
  • Reduces the unexpected hidden costs associated with hiring and termination
  • Reduces the libilities of the clients towards their employees